We are professionals with more than 30 years of experience in lighting. Previous projects we have worked on include lighting design, industrial projects, and street lightning.

We are eager to innovate and improve our client’s technological efficiency. We are specialized in distributing LED products to illuminate sport installations (football fields, rugby fields, athletics tracks, tennis courts, etc.) as well as other large industrial areas such as ports and airports.

LumSport is the official reseller of AAA-Lux in Spain, a worldwide renounced manufacturer of LED lights for sports installations

We are ambitious to offer the ideal product for each installation. We provide the necessary advise and support in every phase of the project and offer the best solution in terms of lightning quality and energy efficiency.

Images of projects:

In Granollers the final of the Women's Handball World Championship 2021 will take place, project made with 22 projectors WS of 1550w of AAA-LUX with final results of 2100 lux Eh and 1800 Lux Ev CRI 80. Installation of the Show Time system for special effects in the court lighting.
Stadium of the Academia Club from Puerto Cabello, 1st Venezuelan football division, with an adequate illumination level to broadcast international competitions on TV.
For the Final of the 2020 Queen Coup in Telde (Gran Canaria) the lightning of the Sports Hall Rita Hernández was replaced with 40 LUG Cruiser Arena 398w projectors achieving 2.000 lux in horizontal illumination and 1500 lux in vertical illumination, a good level for TV broadcasting.
Project for 3 football 7 fields and one football 11 or with 6 of football 7, with this light adjustment system it is possible to choose the field we would like to illuminate and the level of lux, competition, training, etc.
In this installation we aimed to achieve 300lux, with 4 projectors per column. A total of 16 units of 1550w was enough together with the light adjustment system for players to be able to train with an average of 50% potency and 150lux.
This project was achieved with spectacular results using just eight 1550w AAA-LUX projectors, 2 per column.
This project was done with luminaires with low glare lenses to avoid that the light disturbs when looking at the ceiling. This field is used for training by lower teams of FC Barcelona.
The required level of light for this regional field is 200lux and 0.60 of uniformity.
The dismounting of the old 2.000w projectors of HM and the mounting of the new AAA-LUX was done in just 1 day of work!!
The level of light we were asked for was 700 lux to practice different sports with a uniformity of 0.70. It was done with Arena projectors form the manufacturing brand LUG.
Asymmetrical floodlights to uniformly illuminate the entire pool, level requested 500 lux.
Improvement of the current illumination to reach 200 lux and 0.60 uniformity.

Videos of projects:

Sant Berger de Teià football field
This project was made to comply with class II, but with the minimum light pollution so as not to affect the surrounding countryside. The final result is spectacular and the forest is totally dark, which we have achieved with the new RS series optics with AAA-lux.
Municipal Athletics Track El Vendrell
Complex project, we achieved 308 lux and 0.75 uniformity from inside the track due to the lack of space outside, with 28 projectors of 1550w AAA-LUX.
Canovelles municipal football field
Light level class II according to UNE 12193 to play regional football matches with the best possible uniformity.
Amer municipal football field
Minimal light pollution around the football pitch, the new RS optics allow the light to be cut so that close to the pitch the light level is minimal.
Vidreres municipal football field
With 8 projectors from the 1550w WS series we get 208 lux and 0.67 uniformity, all with new optics from AAA-LUX version 7.1
Meiland Central, Marcet Foundation, Barcelona
Illumination of the competition fields of the Fundación Marcet , from here great players come out for the main world leagues .
Olímpic La Garriga soccer field
Project realized with 12 WS of 1150w of AAA-LUX and dimming system. Light level 260lux and 0.70 uniformity.
Palau d'esports Granollers 25th IHF Women's Handball World Championship
In Granollers the final of the Women's Handball World Championship 2021 will take place, project made with 22 projectors WS of 1550w of AAA-LUX with final results of 2100 lux Eh and 1800 Lux Ev CRI 80. Installation of the Show Time system for special effects in the court lighting.
Lighting of the Bellpuig (Lleida) soccer field.
The dismantling of the old HM 2000w floodlights and the installation of the 8 new AAA-LUX floodlights was done in just one working day!
Sant Cugat Can Magí F11
Regional-class football field , 200 lux and 0.60 are the required minimum levels, with 12 WS projectors of 1550w reaching 225 lux 0.75 uniformity.
La Roca improves the lightning of its football fields with LED lights
The mayor of La Roca del Vallès explains his experience with the new installation of AAA-LUX projectors in the 3 soccer fields of the municipality.
Summary 3 projects of Lumsport with AAA-LUX
Examples of projects done by Lumsport with excellent results using AAA-LUX projectors
AAA-LUX floodlights: US Arbedo soccer field
Montlouis sur Loire éclairage LED terrain de football avec AAA-LUX
AAA-LUX LED sports field lighting
AAA-LUX Telescopic Mast
AAA-LUX hockey world league LED for TV
Drones show AAA-LUX LED luminaires illuminating a tenniscourt
AAA-LUX show lighting
AAA-LUX first sportfield LED lighting in Portugal
FC Helsingør Stadium LED lighting
LED lighting installation Rietlanden Coal Terminal
LED Lighting Dubai Golf Course
AAA-LUX Show lighting

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Documented projects:

Torroella de Montgrí (Girona)
Torroella de Montgrí (Girona)
In early 2019 the project to expand the sport area in Torroella de Montgrí will end, which included the new sport field
Corró D'Avall
Corró D'Avall
This year in Corró d’Avall they invested in improving the lightning of the football field and adapt to the European regulation of lightning in sport installations.
In December 2019 the project to improve the lightning in the municipal footbal field in Peira, in Anoia, will be finished
La Roca del Vallès
La Roca del Vallès
The lightning of three football fields in Roca del Vallès have been replaced with the high potency LED technology of AAA-LUX