A careful selection of the product, our technical knowledge and years-long experience ensure we can always offer the best solution for your project.

Sport installations and stadiums - AAA-LUX Series WS and STAD

The WS and STAD series from AAA-LUX have different optics which allow to optimally satisfy any of its applications or special characteristics: measurements of the game field, height of the columns, grandstands, external elements that cast a shade over the field or large area, etc. The combination of the different optics always allow us to offer the perfect solution.

Multipurpose sport complexs

We have projectors with specific optics to achieve the luminic results established by the regulation with an extreme visual comfort

Large industrial areas - AAA-LUX Series AL

The LED technology of the AL series has a profile of reduced energy consumption and requires few maintenance. The quality of the illumination they produce positively contributes to the productivity and general wellbeing of the visitors and employees, while it creates a safe work environment for the personnel and the material.